Born in Haskovo, Nikolay Milushev is a Bulgarian artist who was Influenced while growing up by Communist Propaganda posters,political graffiti and environmental issues – his work often features social and political commentaries on human nature and how we, as a society, deal with every day challenges  of life and death, peace and war, environmental catastrophes – cultural globalisation.
During his high school years he studied at the art school in his native Haskovo after which he moved to the capitol, Sofia, and took lessons in the National Academy of  Art. In September of 2001 he moved to the United States where he studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts . In 2010 the first Concept drawings for YOMI – T.G.M.B. /The Gas Mask Bastard / character began . In 2013 YOMI  street campaign was launched.
He has participated in exhibitions in Europe as well as USA and South America, and  his work is courtesy of many private collections followed by several publications and art catalogues.
Milushev currently lives and works in Philadelphia, USA.